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DJ Spooky: Arctic Rhythms at Luther College

October 11th, 2022
7PM in the CFL Main Hall.

DJ Spooky will connect his music with cinematic visuals and local string players to create a unique approach to grasping complex pieces of life today and imagining better tomorrows.

This event embodies the mixing of disciplines, research methods, and ways of making and communicating that is central to a liberal arts college. We’re thrilled that DJ Spooky is bringing his musical acumen and public intellectual innovations to Luther College and to Decorah.

The event is open to the public and free thanks to The Center for Ethics and Public Engagement.


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October 4, 2022

DJ Spooky Artist in Residence at Yale University Center

Paul D. Miller aka DJ Spooky is Artist in Residence at Yale University Center for Collaborative Arts and Media 2022-2023

Paul D. Miller, aka DJ Spooky, is a composer, multimedia artist, and writer whose work immerses audiences in a blend of genres, global culture, and environmental and social issues. At CCAM, he will activate CCAM’s programming and develop a Yale Remix project that will highlight interdisciplinary arts dialogues.

Miller has collaborated with an array of recording artists, including Metallica, Chuck D, Steve Reich, and Yoko Ono. His 2018 album, DJ Spooky Presents: Phantom Dancehall, debuted at #3 on Billboard Reggae.

September 14, 2022

Paul D. Miller is Artist in Residence at Yale University Quantum Institute 2021-2022

After a year of hiatus, the Yale Quantum Institute continues its artist-in-residence program to explore art as a medium with the goal to increase our understanding and discourse of quantum physics.

Starting this month, we will welcome multimedia artist, composer and writer Paul Miller aka DJ Spooky. His work immerses audiences in a blend of genres, global culture, and environmental and social issues. Miller has collaborated with an array of recording artists, including Metallica, Chuck D, Steve Reich, and Yoko Ono.

September 6, 2021

DJ Spooky in Residence at Georgetown University

Sponsored by the Georgetown University Departments of African American Studies and Performing Arts and the Racial Justice Institute

The Racial Justice: Art(s) and Activism lecture series, honors Georgetown University’s recent initiative to highlight art, activism and racial justice by focusing on work by literary, visual and performance artists whose art serves the ongoing struggle to produce new forms of racial freedom.

February 3, 2020


Brown welcomes Distinguished Media Innovator, DJ Spooky

Every year, Brown seek new ways to connect research with leading media innovators, and we are happy to announce that we named DJ Spooky, aka That Subliminal Kid, Paul D. Miller, as the Brown Distinguished Media Innovator for 2017.

DJ Spooky’s work ranges from creating the first DJ app to producing an impactful DVD anthology about the “Pioneers of African American Cinema”. According to a New York Times review, “there has never been a more significant video release than Pioneers of African-American Cinema.” The prolific innovator and artist also created 13 music albums and is about to release a fourteenth. Called “Phantom Dancehall”, it is an intense mix of hip hop, Jamaican ska and dancehall culture. Paul D. Miller will engage in Brown-related collaborations all year, and his residency will culminate in a week-long series of lectures, workshops and performances at Stanford University starting April 10, 2017.

DJ Spooky’s lectures are part of the new Brown Institute Lecture series at Stanford, which we launch with Internet pioneer and founder of Brewster Kahle on October 11, 2016.

July 12, 2017


Richard Wagner’s (1813-1883) operas and conceptual writings remain some of the most influential works of the last two centuries. With their complexity, abstract harmonies and deeply elaborate use of leitmotifs, Wagner set the tone for how we think about composition and multiple interpretations of set design, architecture, and the complete use of music to create a virtual tableau for 21st century digital media. It’s been argued that he is essentially the first multimedia composer.

Bayreuth Academy of Advanced African Studies, the innovative research structure at the University of Bayreuth, have invited Paul D. Miller to explore some of the deep structural relationships between Wagner’s concepts and the tensions between his work as a composer and theoretician and the long standing controversy surrounding his career.

September 1, 2016

Artist-in-Residence: UNSW Art & Design

Artist-in-Residence: Paul D. Miller aka DJ Spooky

Paul D. Miller aka DJ Spooky is artist-in-residence at NIEA, UNSW Art & Design from
18 August till 3 September 2014.

The residency explores Miller’s projects as artist, writer and musician with a focus on the intersection of apps and design through workshops, an exhibition and presentations. These various platforms will demonstrate his engagement with sound art, digital media, and design from the viewpoint of DJ culture and its foundation in collage.Miller’s upcoming book with MIT Press entitled The Imaginary App and the exhibition at UNSW Galleries in Feral Experimental will be a central focus of the Residency. His compositions exploring environmental issues facing places as remote as The Arctic Circle, Antarctica, Nauru, and Vanuatu will be presented as part of the workshops and artist lectures.

September 29, 2014