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Infinite Abstraktion Mix

Artist Statement:
JG Ballard once said “history is a stage that needs to be swept clean.” I agree. When I first heard Grand Master Flash’s “Adventures on the Wheels of Steel” from 1981, I was blown away. Afrika Bambaata’s “Death Mix” was cool, but Flash took things in a whole different direction.

That’s what I wanted to do with this cell phone mix. That’s the idea, and this is a demo mix. Using the new iPhone App I developed with Music Soft Arts, a NY based software producer, I decided to go through some mixes I’ve been working on and to create a free download of music from around the world that mirrored what Grandmaster Flash did in 1981 with his “Adventures…” Through the prism of my new album “The Secret Song” and the app on my cell phone, I just wanted to show how you can rock a party using material from your iTunes library and mix it with your record collection. The mix is pretty wild – there are remixes from artists as diverse as DJ Rekha, The Beastie Boys, The Budos Band, Sub Swara, The Coup, Major Lazer, Santogold, mashups from Daft Punk, Michael Jackson (Yeah!), and even Malcolm X hidden there. Not to mention many other mainstays of downtown NY’s electronic music scene, like Anti-Pop Consortium. Basically, it’s a mix straight from the heart of some of New York’s finest collage artists! Check it and enjoy – remember – it’s from a cell phone, and records mixed!!!

Talk about clearing the stage, eh!? With mobile media, there is NO stage, it’s basically about creativity, on the spot, anywhere, anytime… Check the frequencies!!!


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